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在没有观看可可西里这部影片之前,可可西里对我来说如同香格里拉一样神圣,充满了向往,向往她的完美,向往她的纯净。 面是小编为大家整理的精彩文章内容,希望大家能够喜欢。


Hoh Xil, located in the northern part of Qinghai Province, is the second largest no-man's land in the world. There are many animals active in Hoh Xil, especially Tibetan antelopes. However, the number of Tibetan antelopes has dropped rapidly due to poachers' crazy poaching for many years, and it has only recovered to more than 30,000 so far.

The film Hoh Xil mainly tells the documentary story that poachers wantonly killed Tibetan antelopes and cut off their cashmere in Hoh Xil Nature Reserve. Tibetan people and Qinghai people spontaneously organized mountain patrol teams to protect Tibetan antelopes and poachers fought bravely.

At the beginning of the film, a mountain patrol team member was caught by poachers, who ran to the team member's car and chased the antelope. The poacher's fire qiāng mercilessly took the machine qiāng and strafed the running antelope. Seeing there, I think poachers are so hateful, they are inhuman beasts. If they put their own relatives there, "qiāng hand" will shoot, which is actually the temptation of interests.


"Hoh Xil" is very solemn and stirring. Indeed, it reflects the true face of Qinghai, but more importantly, it reflects the true face of the whole western region. It is only an introduction in this real western film. If we really want to fight for our dreams, we should come to the west. The exceptions are college students and businessmen and entrepreneurs who shed tears for "Hoh Xil".

Qinghai, Tibet, Xinjiang, Guizhou, Yunnan and other regions are mostly inhabited by ethnic minorities, and the overall culture and economy are backward. Qinghai can at least find Tibetan Bell sheep and at least survive (only refers to some areas), but in many places, only Stone full of mountains can be seen. There is not much left in the west, which is supposed to be an animal paradise, so it is impossible to hunt for a living even if you want to break the law. I live in the west, and I understand the hardships in the west. When children can't afford to go to school, they go out to look for money. I often watch my young life go away because I can't afford it (a true story, a girl next door of my age, when I went home, I heard her family say she had passed away, only 22 years old. I want to cry. She and I were playmates for hours, but when I met again, we were already people from two worlds. This kind of thing is not uncommon in the west. I hope to shed tears for Hoh Xil, shed tears for Tibetan Bell Sheep, and shed an extra drop, even a little, for the people in the west.


Nowadays, in the quiet, peaceful and holy West-Tibet, Tibetan antelope has become a symbol. However, their survival history has left an indelible mark on us, along with the selfless, fearless, amiable and respectable Hoh Xil Mountain Patrol Team. We can't forget the mark left by the black age. As the saying goes, "Never forget the past, let us walk into the time full of killing but leaving permanent stain.":

In 1960s, people's consumption of Tibetan antelopes increased sharply, and the direct consequence was the extinction of Tibetan antelopes-their number dropped sharply from one million to less than 10,000 in just a few years. However, the protection consciousness of the government at that time was extremely weak. When the Tibetan antelope was in danger, the devout Tibetan people formed the Hoh Xil mountain patrol team completely spontaneously. However, it originated from the folk, and they did not compile it. However, they all shared a common belief: our sheep can't be destroyed, and our symbols can't be lost.


A few days ago, when I took my daughter out to play, I saw the poster of Hoh Xil at the door of a video store. I was attracted by the strange font and the deep and mysterious color of tan, so I downloaded the film online.

The story took place in the winter of 1997, starting with the killing of a mountain patrol member. The Hoh Xil Mountain Patrol Team is a team recruited by the local government to protect the rare species-Tibetan antelope and deal with the increasingly rampant poaching activities. The captain of the team, Ritai, is a veteran, with more than 20 members under his command. They have been chasing poaching gangs for years to protect the Hoh Xil they love. Gayu, a reporter from a newspaper in Beijing, learned that Japan and Thailand wanted to set up Hoh Xil Nature Reserve and came to interview this team. He just arrived at the station, and on the same day, Thailand took his brothers and lamas to do "celestial burial" for the dead players, and they rushed into the mountains overnight. At this time, Gayu did not understand the danger of action.


On Friday night, my parents and I went to the Times Cinema to watch the movie Hoh Xil. Although my mother said many times before that how beautiful the movie was, I didn't agree with those who didn't know much about it.

When I entered the cinema, I saw a yellow banner about five meters long, with the general idea that "10,000 people signed to support Hoh Xil's Oscar-winning campaign", and there were many signatures on it. Mom asked me to sign it, too. I felt awkward: Why do I have to sign it? Can you sign your name casually?

I leaned forward and entered the cinema.

But during the 90 minutes in the cinema, I was deeply shocked.

The film directed by Lu Chuan is based on a true story, which takes place in Hoh Xil. This is a feature film reflecting adventure. It tells the story of people's survival struggle in desperate circumstances and the mutual struggle between man and nature through the process of hunting and stopping the hunting of Tibetan antelopes. But this topic is worldwide.


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在没有观看可可西里这部影片之前,可可西里对我来说如同香格里拉一样神圣,充满了向往,向往她的完美,向往她的纯净。 面是小编为大家整理的精彩文章内容,希望大家能够喜欢。可可西里电影英文观后感1Hoh