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有人认为,算不上是真正的影评。其实不然。看电影是人们的一种艺术感受活动,而正是谈论影片观赏感受之作。 下面是小编为大家整理的关于英文电影100字观后感,希望对您有所帮助。欢迎大家阅读参考学习!


Mr. A Gan has his own perseverance, keeping on running without of any reason, JUST RUNS.

He said: “Man has t look forward, and never encumbered by foretime. I thank that's the

meaning of my running.” Say goodbye to foretime and don't stay in-place. Although so many

people in the world are used to follow others and few people can stick to one thing,

Mr. A Gan does and becomes “GOD”. There is another character Captain Dan. Dan lost his

legs in Vietnarm War. He said that his fate is death in war. However, Mr. A Gan saved him

and let him be alive. After losing legs, Dan was decadent and disgusted with life,

complaining that A Gan shouldn't save him. When he adjusted his mind, living on fishing

with A Gan, he started to enjoy the wonderful life and thank A Gan's help. The movie is

intended to tell people that life is wonderful by this character. Rainbow is always

after cloud. The key point is that whether we have a good mind and an opportunity to

ourselves to change bad situation. The movie is also sent such a message to us: do

well what we should do, and life will return us well. There will be a miracle if

only there is perseverance.


It’s not particularly surprising to be disappointed by any computer-animated film not bearing the Pixar logo. In fact, until Shrek, 2001’s rollicking success, I wouldn’t have even believed it could happen. What is surprising, is that Ice Age doesn’t even ATTEMPT to reach Pixar’s Toy Story heights, apparently content to revel in its status as Monster’s, Inc.'s second rate, half wit cousin.

Ice Age is yet another “extinction for kids” movie, one of many in a long line of baby dinosaurs, pterodactyl eggs, and sympathetic cavemen. This time, it’s the ice age, and wooly mammoths roam the earth alongside primitive man. Strangely enough, in this early world, animals can talk, and humans cannot. But when a group of would-be-enemies discover a lost human baby, wooly mammoth (Ray Romano), saber-toothed tiger (Dennis Leary), and giant sloth (John Leguizamo) must work along side each other in a journey to return the child to its home.

Visually, Ice Age is perhaps the poorest bit of CGI I have ever seen. Contrasted to the beautiful constructs of Monsters, Inc.; or even the gooey, gloppy creativity of Shrek; Ice Age is nothing but badly rendered polygons and Acme animated characters. No hint of photo-realism here. It’s like comparing a Bugs Bunny Cartoon to The Lion King. Actually, I suspect that is exactly what the folks at Ice Age were going for.

Ice Age is really little more than a collection of silly animal gags and Leguizamo one liners. Some of them are even quite funny. If that is all that we’re going for here, then I suppose I’m all for it. But then there are these strange attempts at gut wrenching sappiness, which fall painfully flat amidst sub-video game animation. Frankly, I’m not even sure the CGI they use here is up to the task of displaying the kinds of emotions these people are trying to illicit from their characters. The humans more closely resemble totem poles than they do living, breathing, creatures. It’s laughable watching their polygon-limited faces trying to emote in response to the story’s attempts at heartfelt, soft touches.

Thankfully, the main characters are animals, which are at least bearably rendered to slapstick fun levels. As a result, what slapstick there is, is highly entertaining. Sure, Ray Romano’s vocal talents aren’t particularly spectacular. But Dennis Leary and the always-odd John Leguizamo cover for his mammoth ineptitude without hesitation.

The story itself is bland, boring, and uninspired, as is the almost laughably bad animation. The film’s only real saving graces are some slapstick side trips into the world of an unlucky squirrel and a group of soon-to-be-extinct melon-hoarding dodos. Ice Age’s comedy is worthy of Bugs, but unless you’re under 5, you’ll be bored with everything else.


This should've gone straight to video. Evan Almighty was not able to manage the expectations of those who came to see it anticipating as riotous a ride as its predecessor Bruce Almighty. It retained the premise of the original as a spin-off but it doesn't work not because Steve Carell is less talented than Jim Carrey but because he had lousy material to work with. Even Morgan Freeman (who reprises his role as God) lost the zing and impressive qualities he had in the first installment.

Evan Almighty apparently targets a family audience with its decidedly more religious overtones (check out what ARK really means), so it shouldn't have attempted to fool the audience by maintaining the Almighty franchise because it doesn't fit; its brand of humor and story simply failed to keep up.

It would've probably done better if it were marketed differently instead of lazily riding on the success of Bruce Almighty when it painfully couldn't deliver the same punches.


Mark Twain's short story of 'one million pounds' is a very good work. The article on the 'money is everything,' 'money is omnipotent,' the idea of a satire, to expose the ugly face of capitalist society.

'One million pounds' is about a poor, honest man, that is, the he-ro-in-e of this story has received a pair of brothers, the letter sent to him inside one million pounds. The brothers had made a bet, gambling, if a poor, honest people who come knocking on the door received the one million pounds, he will be what kind of results? Brother that he would starve to death because he could not prove that the money was his own, will be subject to other people's doubts, and even the banks do not let him save money. His younger brother that he would lead a very good, and therefore they have the brothers of one million pounds will be loaned to check the poorest people, and spent 30 days abroad. Did not expect that during this period of time, people have the rare fortune suddenly rich, has tried to cozy up to him, from the free food, buy clothes, free accommodation, like a beggar, like to please him, and continue to improve his social status until the exception of the highest outdoor Wang Duke on! Not only that, he also has been a good wife and 30,000 pounds of bank interest, and finally from two brothers got a very good job. Lived a very, very happy life.

See here, I am so envious of the 'lucky' the he-ro-in-e, but at the same time I would like to: people reason to curry favor with him, not just because when people value money too it? Worship of money is shameful and should not be reaping more! Money is not omnipotent, the world than money, there are many more important things …


This time I want to talk about a very famous short story written by Mark Twain---------“The Million Pound Note”. Referring to Mark Twain, you must feel familiar, because we must have read his works before. I still remember the article “ The Bite Events on the Train” in our textbook when I’m in the middle school. What touched me most at that time were his ironic words. Yes, he is a great humorist, novelist, writer and orator in America in nineteenth century. During his 40 years’ writing career, he created dozens of short or long stories.

This story tells about a poor but honest American Adam Henry. When he was wandering in the street of London, he was given by two billionaires a letter, in which he surprisedly found a £1,000,000 pound bank-note. Later he got to know that the two billionaires who were brothers had made a bet about the results after he got a one million-pound note at once. One of them thought the note wound count for nothing to the poor man because he could not prove that the money was his own while the other considered just as the opposite.

Dramatically, the plot went just out of my expectation. Herry went to a restaurant to have dinner first. The manager was mean to him at the beginning but his attitude changed quickly when Herry took out the note and asked for change. Faced with a millionaire, the manager apologized again and again and obsequiously told Herry that he didn’t need to pay for the bill right now. So Herry managed to have a free dinner. Then similarly, Herry went to a clothing shop and got a suit of clothes costing him nothing.

Like the plot above, people are curious of such a rich man and tried every means to cozy up to him, from free food, free clothes to free accommodation. At the same time, his social status was becoming higher and higher and finally higher than most dukes. Apart from that, he later got a beautiful wife and 200,000 pounds of bank interest. I can imagine a bright future was waiting for him.

The writing style of this story is so humorous. Mark Twain used hyperbole describing how our hero defeated snobbishness repeatedly. What I appreciate most is the detailed description of different people’s ridiculous actions before one million pounds, vivid, funny, ironic and humorous, which forms a Caricature.

In terms of the theme, it is apparent that the author wanted to denounce the overflowing mammonism in the society. Even now it gives us an impressive lesson. Yes, I cannot deny the importance of money to a person who wants to survive. We won’t live without money, with which we get food, clothes, house and many other necessities. But we must know that there are many things which can’t be bought with money such as love or friendship. So in my opinion, money may be important to us, but not the most important. We need to build up the correct sense of money.

To sum up, this story is a really good work of Mark Twain. The lesson I’ve learnt from it makes me want to be an honest man sincerely and lets me not to worship money too much. I begin to regret not reading it earlier.