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大家在一部经典的好电影总能给人带来不小的触动, 下面是小编为大家整理的关于英文电影观后感英语作文,希望对您有所帮助。欢迎大家阅读参考学习!


Mr. A Gan has his own perseverance, keeping on running without of any reason, JUST RUNS. He said: “Man has t look forward, and never encumbered by foretime. I thank that's the meaning of my running.” Say goodbye to foretime and don't stay in-place. Although so many people in the world are used to follow others and few people can stick to one thing, Mr. A Gan does and becomes “GOD”. There is another character Captain Dan. Dan lost his legs in Vietnarm War. He said that his fate is death in war. However, Mr. A Gan saved him and let him be alive. After losing legs, Dan was decadent and disgusted with life, complaining that A Gan shouldn't save him. When he adjusted his mind, living on fishing with A Gan, he started to enjoy the wonderful life and thank A Gan's help. The movie is intended to tell people that life is wonderful by this character. Rainbow is always after cloud. The key point is that whether we have a good mind and an opportunity to ourselves to change bad situation. The movie is also sent such a message to us: do well what we should do, and life will return us well. There will be a miracle if only there is perseverance.


Life is like a box of chocoles —— 《Forrest Gump》

"Mom always said life is just like a bo_ of chocoles. You'll never know what you gonna get."

Ever find the grind of life getting you down? Is the day-to-day struggle threatening to drag you under? If so, there is a movie out there that can replenish your energy and refresh your outlook. Passionate and magical, Forrest Gump is a tonic for the weary of spirit. For those who feel that being set adrift in a season of action movies is like wandering into a desert, the oasis lies ahead.

Forrest Gump who is unfortunately to be born with a lower IQ and the muscle problem, usually, people always think this kind of person can't be successful in doing anything. But, instead, this unlucky man has achieved lots of incredible success, he is a football star, a war hero, and later a millionaire!

In the contention of the best picture of the 67th Oscar Award in 1995, film Have got si_ Grand Pri_es , such as the best picture , the best actor , the best achievement in directing , adapting drama , the best achievement in film editing and the best visual effect bestly ,etc. at one blow . The film was passed to a intellectual disturbance person the description of life has reflected every aspect of U.S.A.'s life, important incident of social political life make and represent to these decades such as U.S.A. from one unique angle. Film adapt Winston novel of the same name of Groom since.

Forrest Gump mould incarnation of virtue is honest keeping one's word , conscientiously , brave paying attention to emotioning among film. In the film, Forrest Gump is a very pure image, but Jenny has become the degenerate symbol. And write the great discrepancy originally in this. To all that narrated, since beginning all behave with a kind of tender feeling and well-meaning attitude after all for the film, having even joined poesy composition, this makes the film seem soft and have no injury. The film advocates to traditional moral concept and embodiment. Make film apt to accept by people, director superb lay out skill and film application of language make the film very attractive too. Succewith commercial for film content of the film has given security, and the treatment on director's art makes the film more e_cellent, this is reason that the film succeeds. It was the bo_-office hits the most in that year to become U.S.A. in < Forrest Gump>.

Tom Hanks very much sincere naturally performance having among film. He has obtained the laurel of the best actor of Oscar for the behavior in this film. This second movie emperor's money already whom he obtained in succession looks like. Succeof < Forrest Gump>, make Tom Hanks become one of the most popular movie stars in Hollywood too. To Tom Hanks, those two years are the luckiest period of time in his performing art careers .


After seeing this movie, I was able to really understand what "Si_ Degrees of Separation" means. There is a thread that weaves its way through the landscape of life connecting, influencing, and defining all. This movie is certainly thought-provoking, one cannot watch it without feeling either privileged to have become part of the fabric, or like a fly on the wall - seeing, yet unable to influence or guide. There is almost a sense of frustration at ones inability to be no more than an observer in this movie since it compels you to want to shout in warning, gasp in shock, cry in sorrow, and hold in comfort. "Crash" is definitely not a movie to use as a venue to escape life for a couple of hours, but it is a movie that certainly makes you take a second and third look at who you are within yourself. The actors are surprising not only for their depth of performance, but also because they do not play characters you think you know. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes drama, action, comedic relief, or just an appreciation for a well-thought out movie.


Today, the school organized "children watching animation, childlike innocence" activities. We went to see the movie -- flying house ring travel notes.  I was impressed by the film. It is said that an old man named Fei De_un and a lovely field E_plorer Russell ride in the balloon house, e_perience a thousand hardships, reach the Paradise Falls, and put his home there, to realize the dream of the old man Fei De_un.  Fei De_un and his wife AI became partners when they were young. Later, Ellie died, and the old man would be sent to the green oak nursing home. Fei De_un put the 100000 balloons he used to hang on the house and flew up into the air. The results met the rush to "help the elderly" badge of the little boy, russell. He accidentally took the flying room of Fei De_un's old man and started an adventure together. The way they e_perienced a lot of hardships and dangers, and a bird named Kevin became a friend. Later, in order to save Kevin, they almost failed to realize their dreams. Then it is friendship and justice, so that they finally overcome the evil and win the battle.  The story is very touching. After reading it, we will find that there is a truth in it: persistence will win. I like this movie!


The film - which was written by Bob Peterson (Finding Nemo, Ratatouille) and directed by Peter Docter (Monsters, Inc.) - delivers all the things we’ve come to e_pect from a Pi_ar animated feature: gorgeous visuals, a strong story rife with moral lessons and (gasp) good character development; humor both low-brow (for the kids) and high-brow (for the grownups), with strokes of bold wit and a dash of sagely wisdom for good measure.

And yet, UP also delivers something quite une_pected: Pi_ar’s most adult-oriented story yet, slyly disguised in a fantastic adventure tale.

UP tells the life story of Carl Fredricksen (the unmistakable voice of Ed Asner), a shy little boy who grows up in (1930s?) America, an era in which people pack into movie theaters to watch news reels about adventurous e_plorers like Charles Muntz, who travels the world on one epic quest after the ne_t.

Young Carl Fredricksen idolizes Muntz: He spends his lonely days roaming his neighborhood pretending to be Muntz until one day he runs into Ellie, an energetic and fearless young girl (everything Carl is not) who idolizes Charles Muntz just as much as Carl does. Ellie and Carl cross their hearts then and there and swear to be great adventurers like Charles Muntz, and with that oath, theirs is a match made in heaven.

After that fateful first encounter, we get a truly beautiful montage of Carl and Ellie’s life-long romance. We see the young kids grow into a teenage couple; see them get married and buy a house, working day jobs (balloon vendor) while saving up for the kind of adventures they fantasized about as kids. We watch the couple deal with the ups and downs, joys and tragedies of life; and gradually we watch them grow into old age, Ellie’s “My Adventures” scrapbook still unfilled, even as her time on Earth ends.

With Ellie gone, Carl becomes a disgruntled old man desperately trying to hold on to a house, heirlooms and a lost-love he cherishes. A physical confrontation with neighborhood developers leads to Carl being forced into a retirement home for the rest of his days - but before the old man will give in he decides to honor the oath he and Ellie swore as kids and take one last shot at adventure! Carl ties an impossible number of balloons to his house (working a balloon cart at the zoo was his job for many years), rigs a steering system and UP he goes!